New autobiographies and biographies

The Churchill factor: how one man made historyWatch meHere are some upcoming new celebrity biographies and autobiographies to be published this autumn which might interest you.

Boris Johnson is to bring out his study of Sir Winston Churchill later this month. The Churchill Factor, will examine both the war leader’s relationship with his father, Randolph, and the historic prime minister’s enduring standing as a political role model.

In Watch Me, Anjelica Huston’s new book which follows  her acclaimed memoir A Story Lately Told, the actress picks up the story of her battle to establish her career in the shadow of the careers of her father, the late film director John Huston, and her famous former partner, Jack Nicholson

Hockney: the biography. Volume 2, 1975-2012 by Christopher Sykes. Picking up Hockney’s story in 1975, this volume finds him flitting between Notting Hill and California, where he took inspiration for the swimming pool series of paintings; creating the acclaimed set designs for operas around the world; and embracing emerging technologies – the camera and fax machine in the 1970s and 80s, and most recently the iPad

Hockney: the biography. Volume 2, 1975-2012Getting lots of attention are Cricketer Kevin Pietersen’s KP The Autobiography  and So, Anyway by John Cleese –  The story of “how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend”, according to its publisher. This autobiography of the mighty Python charts his life from Cleese’s first public appearance at St Peter’s Preparatory School through his first encounter with Graham Chapman to international fame. Another showbiz book is

Last man standing: tales from Tinseltown by Roger Moore,  a collection of true stories from his stellar career,  lifting the lid on the movie business. It features outrageous tales from his own life as well as those told to him by a host of stars. Wonderfully entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, this selection of tales from the world of the movies is vintage Moore at his very best

AutobiographyGeorge W Bush is writing a book about his father entitled  ’41 A Portrait of My Father’  (refers to the earlier Bush being the country’s 41st president). Due November.

Bestselling biographer Christopher Andersen has The Good Son: JFK Jr and the Mother He Loved coming out at the end of October with revelations about John Kennedy Jnr’s girlfriends and the night of his death in a plane crash on 16 July 1999.

 Barbara Leaming‘s  biography of the former first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: The Untold Story will describe Killers of the king: the men who dared to execute Charles Iher struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder following the killing.

The Red Earl by Selena Hastings  tells the story of her father, Jack Hastings, who in 1925 rebelled against his conservative background by eloping with a beautiful Italian and leaving England for Australia to become a painter. The couple then moved to an island in the South Pacific before heading back to England by way of California, where Hastings led a glamorous social life with Charles Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks.

Charles Spencer’s Killers of the king: the men who dared to execute Charles explores what happened when the Restoration arrived and retribution was brought against those who condemned the king. From the men who returned to the monarchist cause and betrayed their fellow regicides to those that fled the country in an attempt to escape their punishment, Spencer tells the incredible story of the men who dared to kill a king  In January 1649, the King of England, Charles I, was executed. He had been sentenced to death by a tribunal of 135 men and, of those, 59 signed the death warrant. In a powerful tale of revenge from a dark and little-known corner of English history.