Write by Night on Light Night

Write by Night on Light Night by Ben Clay-Kershaw



Write by Night was a room that asked people to write a story in two sentences. The room was blacked out and lit by black light, with lining paper covering the majority of the walls. The creative writers used ultra violet pens and highlighter pens to create their masterpieces.

Here are the stories created by the people on the night.

Being tall is great, the air is fresher and the view is better. Where are all the tall men?

Being small is better. You can fit anywhere!

It was our anniversary & we went for a walk over the hills and far away. Then we rested & I had a drink with my love.

Avtan. I miss you.

I can read people’s minds. To prove it, you think I’m fibbing

There was once a man named peace. No one gave him a chance.

I once had a dog named skip. Now she skips in heaven.

Had a cracking hamburger for tea tonight. Yum!

There once was a rabbit called Bob, hop, hop hop a-long across the lake of forgone. Oh look, where did John come from?
I’m on the bus. Goodnight!

There is a wonderful place full of people in the world, and that place is called Leeds. I love Leeds, and I am happy I now live here.

In a hole, under a hill, lived a hobbit. He found a ring and went for a walk……….The End

Some walked and walked and walked and fell down a hill into a river and died. At his funeral, his friends said ‘I told you so’.

They celebrated the first human cryogenic freezing. He had no way of telling them he was still conscious.

I’m a lucky girl and I thank God for sending me here. I love Leeds.

It’s the people in your life that matter. Not the things you buy.

She threw open the shutters and light flooded in. The room was now ready for……………

At night the world comes alive. The stars come out to light up the sky.

One early morning, Lilly saw a rainbow fairy in her room. It was 2am in the morning.

The dawn mist floated away. The world then turned into morning.

I woke in the night in need of glass of water. I then trod in cat sick.

I went to light night with Florence. It was great.

Of to France I go. What will happen, no one knows.

One day a Unicorn found a magical rainbow. She walked across it and found a field full of fairies.

Love doesn’t destroy. Love creates………….

Born on the Hudson River. Now an Airhead.

Three foxes ate rabbits. Four foxes ate chickens.

Remember all those special moments as the add up to a lifetime. A very special person taught me that x

I went into a forest and saw a bear. It was big, huge and grabbed me by my foot and gobbled me up for tea.

I woke up to the sound of my children crying. It was then I realised I don’t have any children.

I came to town on a bus and then came home to my puss.

Run!!!   And so I ran, not looking back but I could hear her screams as they ripped her in two.

Sometimes it is the unlikeliest of people who introduce you to the greatest things.  And sometimes the greatest things introduce you to the unlikeliest people.

Two million seconds later, they arrived on Mars.  They smiled and said I didn’t think they had Light Night too.

It was only then that I awoke to find myself strapped to my bed.  Light sticks littered like fallen leaves around me.

She sat and looked around at all the trees.  She was anxious, she didn’t know which tree to climb, so many nuts, so many opportunities, which ones would she miss?  Her bushy tail quivered.

Emily likes her friends.  Emily likes to read and to learn about Egypt.

It was a dark and stormy night.  3 men stood on a bridge, one said to the other “Tell us a story” and this is what he said “It was a dark and stormy night”.

Once upon a time they lived a nasty mean witch.  She loved doing horrible disgusting spells.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall.

Beware embedded water.

It’s always a happy ending.  If it isn’t happy, it isn’t the end.

There was once a cat called Rosie.  She liked to roam the street.

Things haven’t always been this bad.  Therefore they won’t always be this bad.

It was a dark, dark night.  I had a bright, bright pen.

I woke to the sound of Clare’s heavy footsteps.  The stomping and shouting, it never ends.

I heard the sound of howling wolves today.  I thought I was Little Red Riding Hood for a moment.

I saw a huge snake.   It bit me and I am now dead.

It was a very scary day.  I got eaten.

The bunny rabbits lived in a hutch.  And they all lived happily ever after.

It was a dark day but the sun shone and made shadows on the streets.  I thought it was light again.

Do we crave sorrow to enhance joy?

My mother climbed a tall tree.  She then turned into an angel and flew away.

Nushka awoke.  Nushka said “Mummy I did dream of dancing elephants”.

Once upon a time there were two twins that lived in their Mummy for 9 months.  They were born and lived happily ever after.

You’ll get it all wrong. They always get it wrong.

When they got there they were surprised.  There was no light and everyone was writing with magic pens.

The universe is a small place.  The earth is a giant.

He denied knowing Jesus 3 times.  Even though he was his best friend.

Greatest misery of life is to awake early in the morning every day.

You can’t get away from what’s in your heart.

Where are you?  In my heart.

Once upon a time.  The end.

Once there was a boy called Jack.  One day he saw a beanstalk.  He climbed the beanstalk and saw a giant.

I was in my room reading a book when my mum said “Elliott come downstairs”.

Este espaco e muito espectacular.  Hoste muito.

The last man on earth sat alone in his room.  Then he heard somebody knocking.

After lectures, my friends and I came to Light Night events at the library.  Unexpectedly we enjoyed the events and we became artists.

Como es el futuro?  Me preguntaran y yo respondi con solo mis dedos saben.

A jet black placid night.  Alone in the wilderness with something out there beyond my vision.

I left my train at 7.16pm.  Lots to see and lots to dream.

Once upon a time there were 3 men and one day they changed their minds.

Once upon a time there was time. Now, of course, there was no now.

The apartment waits……..

Do not in under any circumstance eat two yoghurts in a row. You will vomit.

Once upon a time….. Oregano up on a clock.

Falling down to the deep deep deep….. I can see your face, can you see me.

One sentence followed another. The End.

There once was an annoying alien called Dave, whose spaceship (Brian) crashed in Leeds. He was astounded at what he saw. Dave now lives here with his ferret (Estoban)….what a happy ending.

I stopped. I made a mistake.

Once upon a time I opened a twitter account. I found I can’t fit ever.

He shoots. He scores!

There was a boy called Gabriel. He loved to dance.

Once upon a time there was Rapunzel. She had very long hair, and because there wasn’t a door they had to say “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair”.

The night was black as pitch. From yonder comes the light.

I came to the end of my amazing life. Only to see your face was my life.

As me and my mum drove down to light night. a rush of excitement filled my heart, and bright light filled my eyes.

Barbie looked across to Ken and said “how long do you think we will stay in this box” Sighing Ken replied “awww, I’m not sure honey, I guess not until the kids grow up and have kids of their own”.

If ate a neon pizza, would my sick come out neon?

Day man fighter of night man. Champion of the sun.

We went to a light show and somehow ended up here.

It was cold. It was dark……

It’s a matter of time until I grow wings.

I am wet…. What is that on my foot!

There was once a young woman, who realised that she didn’t have to rely on others for happiness, love or anything else for that matter. Unless they were fabulous and worthwhile of course. She became an AMAZING young woman.

It was dark so dark, although the sun was shining.

I had a cat. It was a really special cat because it had wings.

The light was absolutely deafening. At least that’s how it felt to me!

Once there was a girl called bob and her brother was called Peggy. They had a dog…..

Everybody’s light is different. It’s ok.

Sharon Kumar killed her own family as she came up from the depths of hell! Satan, AKA Lucifer, then returned to hell after her evil deed.

I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.

And as she stood, trying to think of what to write, she knew it was time to see the therapist again…..

I can see you. And the eye in the sky can see us all!

Las niemals die Angst vor dem schalg dich daran kindesn das spiel au spielen!

She smiled as she looked over her shoulder. There was nobody there.

And she came back from her journey. Still the same the giggly jelly belly, but a different flavour.

As the song goes ‘oh how I do like to be beside the seaside’ damn global warming.

A wonderful day it was for the villagers. It was the Queen’s birthday.

I opened the door and it was him…..

Don’t eat that he screamed. Just as she bit into it and out squeezed………

The snow in the globe swirled like a real storm as I walked through the door. I stared horrified, as I live alone.
Light night, fright night is the right night.

And there he stood at the top of stairs, triumphant. With blade in one hand and a cheese sandwich in the other.

The monkey sat in the tree eating an apple. He fell out and hit his head.

There’s no light, there’s no sound, hard to breath, when you’re underground. Can you hear me now?

The bear that was grumpy, decided to help himself so he went to an intervention. A frog helped him and he changed his life.

Let me out.  I’m hungry!

Once day Jane was walking along the street looking for somewhere to eat a lot of cheese when he saw the most beautiful girl in the world tucking into some reblochon.  He asked her if he could have a nibble and when she commented all of James’s dream came true and they lived happily ever after in the cheese aisle at their local Lidl.

The beginning of my two sentence story.  The end of my two sentence story.

Trevor wasn’t like the other penguins.  He hated fish, loved peanut butter and lived in Barcelona.

I have blood on my hands.  Is it yours?

I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up.  The fault in our stars.

There was once a house called 136.  Everyone was awesome.

If the universe is infinite in every direction.  I am the centre of the universe.

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

Xmas comes twice a year.  The real Santa only comes in June.

Whitney Houston lives!  And she wants to dance with somebody.

What was left when the cheese factory exploded?  De Brie!

How do you hide a small horse with cheese?  Use mascarpone!

The pea complained bitterly….the princess kept sleeping on it.

It’s funny cos glow pens only show in the dark yet we can only see ourselves when you are awake.

I came and wrote the stories in my head.

Aki rules!  In the land of poo!

In the morning there was no one there.  Behind them were the smells of laughter and leaves in the wind.

My reflection stares at me from the mirror grinning.  I am trapped, crying, on the wrong side.

A chocolate bar is solid but when it melts it turns into liquid.

Dave the robin enjoys tranquil sports.  But will he ever find one?

I couldn’t help but scream, there was a monster on my chair.  Who was it….

Oh my god that’s scary….nonsense, it’s your dad!

All hail, it is the most super and fantastic captain of all time.  Gerrard!

Two sentences are not enough…..I agree.

The result will always be followed by effort.  Just like the mouse will always be chased by the cat.

Once there was a boy named Peter, who drank water by the litre.  It turned him into a superhero, who was awesome like Captain Nero!

The bright cat sat on the mat.

I’ve been wandering these halls for countless hours, fearing I’ll never escape…..never go into a library at night!

My family and friends can never be replaced in my heart.  Please never try to replace them in real life.

I went to Light Night.  It was cool.

It was when I found the big black dog sat on my chest that I knew it wasn’t a dream anymore.  I knew I had to follow him wherever it may lead me.

I’m just waiting for my friend to come out of the toilet, then I will write a story.

It’s dark now.  In the morning it will be light.

Travel is life.  Life is to travel.

A strawberry came alive and burst out of the field.  It ended up on my plate for me to eat.

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with some guy with green eyes.  But they didn’t call back.

A man was attacked by a zombie and he thought he would die.  He didn’t!

In the deep dark forest there lived a unicorn.  She was majestic and magical.  The end.

My friends are moving into a beautiful mansion full of light and love.  I wish them luck.

One day a spaceship came to earth!  It never left.

Somebody asked me did I wanna build a snowman.  I just told them to let it go.

Don’t stress, don’t fret, and don’t worry.  Life is bowl of cherries.

I thought I was falling in love.  Turns out I was just falling.

You don’t look but you are always aware of the constant shadow.  It follows you everywhere you go.

Strangers are friends we have not met yet.

In a land not so far away lived a girl and a boy.  They lived in an old cottage.  They normally were mischievous.  The end.

I last saw you on Wednesday.  I miss you already.

How are you?  That’s nice.

There once was a dragon flying through the sky.  He was joined by his friend, Erin aged 9.

“Who’s that tickling my back?” said the wall.  “It’s me” a tiny caterpillar learning to crawl.

The first time she looked at him, she felt her heart beat quicker.  Today she can still feel the memory.

There is a boy called Ben.  When he trumps in bed he wakes himself up and makes himself jump.

What did the 0 say to the 8?  Nice belt!

Pixies never jump in water without a hat.  They are worried their brains will fall out.

5 days in Leeds.  I love it!

I always thought my cat had a staring problem; she always fixated on my face.  Until one day I realised that she was always looking behind me.

Now I am in Leeds.  My dreams can come true.

When she lost her job, she wondered how she would cope.  Suddenly she had time to be a human being again.

There were 5 bears eating honey.  3 bears were jumping on the bed.  By Jacob aged 4.

The shock of Dracula Experience frightened me.  I leaped onto a teacher very quickly.

Once I had a son.  Then I had another.

Day 312.  Internet still not working.

What’s that noise?  They looked outside and a dark figure looked back at them.

Once a wicked witch captured a princess.  In the end the princess managed to escape.

Scary monster wants a story.  Otherwise who knows what will happen?

Maisie aged 4 is the best artist ever.  But she wants to change her name to Lily.

One day a unicorn walked down the road and found some rainbow dust lying on the floor.  So the unicorn ate it and puts it in the sky when it is sunny and raining.

The toughest decision of your life could also be the best one.


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