New books!! This week’s Fiction Hotlist

The legacy of Elizabeth PringleBrothers in bloodThis week’s new fiction

Susanna Gregory’s Murder on Holborn has already been rated 5 star – twice –

n 1665 England is facing war with the Dutch and the capital is awash with rumours of Murder on High Holbornconspiracy. These are more frenetic than normal because of the recent sinking of one of the largest ships in the navy – a disastrous tragedy that could very well have been caused by sabotage. As an experienced investigator, Thomas Chaloner knows that there are very few grains of truth in the shifting sands of the rumour-mill, but the loss of such an important warship and the murder of Paul Ferine, a Groom of the Robes, in a brothel favoured by the elite of the Palace of White Hall makes him scent a whiff of genuine treason

Plus novels by Kirsty Wark. New Simon Scarrow. Walking Dead and Homeland. A Martina Cole and lots more —

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