UK is top at publishing

Did you know that in 2013, the UK publishing market was the world leader for the number of new titles published in relation population size?

UK publishers released 2,875 new titles per million inhabitants, more than 1,000 titles ahead of the next nearest, Taiwan. In absolute figures, the UK published 184,000 new titles and re-editions, the highest figure in Europe, with only the US and China publishing more, with 304,912 and 444,000 titles respectively.

Revenue from publishing in the UK was also good compared to rest of the world –  £4.7bn, the same as 2012.

The UK joins the US and Germany as a market which did not shrink, while other nations such as France (-3%), Italy (-6%) and Spain (-10%) all saw their values drop. Asian markets grew with South Korea up 2%, China 9% and Indonesia 16%. New Zealand was up by 6%, Mexico by 3% and Brazil 8%.

The UK also has the largest export market, €1.5bn, despite a declining 4% on 2012. The US is €1bn.

Publishing is the largest entertainment business internationally, with an estimated value in US dollars of $151bn, putting it ahead of the film business at $133bn, and magazines at $107bn.