#WordoftheDay – Pangram

Pangram –  a sentence containing every letter of the alphabet

There’s the made up sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” but there’s 66 in total in the Oxford English Dictionary(OEDand most occur accidently.To look at the OED just sign in with your library membership number.

Here are some examples:

1970 R. F. Miller One Hundred Thousand Tractors iv. xiv. 341: “They argued, with some justification perhaps, that the kolkhozes were unable to use and maintain their expensive equipment properly.” (justification)

1970 Rolling Stone 30 Jan. 1/2: ”Blue blazer, grey flannel pants, shirt and a beautiful scarf with a chunky Mexican turquoise/silver bracelet and ring which blew the white-shirted jury’s minds.” (blow)

1997 Nature 27 Mar. 319/2: “A moon orbiting a superjovian planet outside the normally accepted habitable zone might be able to support liquid water, thanks to the added heat flux from its primary.” (primary)

c1503 R. Arnold Chron. f. xvi v/2: “The price af a quarer whet iijs. The ferthing Symnell poise xv vuncis & dim. q’t’. The ferthing whit loof coket poise xvij vuncz dim & ob’.” (cocket)

1993 Times 10 July 20/6: “Coming back from a jolly night out, slightly tanked up and woozy on the old pins, a quick blast of Bhangra would have me dancing exotic and erotic moves until I tripped over the cat. (bhangra)

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