Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch is London’s #cityread

Rivers of LondonA novel rated 5 star by 13 Leeds readers has been selected as the focus of London’s Cityread for 2015. It’s a great book.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch was also selected this year as a World Book Night title. The first of an urban fantasy / crime fiction series, Rivers of London follows the adventures of a rookie copper-turned-apprentice-wizard, Peter Grant, and his boss, the last wizard in England. A unique blend of police procedural, supernatural mayhem and threads of fascinating hidden history woven through the very fabric of the plot, Rivers of London is fast-moving, funny, full of warmth and features one of the greatest and most historically rich cites in the world

Ben’s new novel in the Peter Grant series Foxglove Summer is out on 13th NovemberFoxglove summerand we have it on order

 Cityread runs through April 2015 and aims to engage Londoners with reading for pleasure, focused around the shared reading experience of a single book. The title will be at the centre of a celebration of reading in the capital which includes a programme of events linked to the book. These will take place across all 33 London boroughs in libraries, bookshops, museums and other venues and include a series of interactive theatrical performances by theatre company Look Left Look Right, as well as a tour by Ben Aaronovitch that will include a library visit or event in every London borough

Andy Ryan, director of Cityread London, said Rivers of London is “the perfect Cityread title” because of the “magical but very real modern-day capital” portrayed in the book. Cityread 2015 will also include a specially produced Quick Reads title aimed at engaging Londoners who struggle with reading and will be supported by a partnership with BBC London.

Aaronovitch said: “As a native Londoner it’s hard to imagine a more exciting honour than having my book selected to be the London Cityread for 2015. Added to that is the sheer pleasure of working with and helping support the public libraries of London.”

His own love of reading began in his local library and that he still uses libraries to conduct research for his books, calling them “a resource beyond price, with a contribution to the intellectual and cultural capital of London beyond measure.” He also said that his hope for Cityread 2015 it is that “many other people, young, old and those travelling in between, who have yet to fall in love with books will find that same first love”.