Zero Zero Zero by Roberto Saviano – review

GomorrahZero zero zeroAnyone who watched the excellent series  ‘Gommorah’ recently on Sky Atlantic may be aware that it was also made into a film and was based on the book by Roberto Saviano. Gommorrah was a ground-breaking Mafia expose and the author is still under police protection due to Mafia threats to his life made as a result of his  book. The new book Zero Zero Zero  is a hard-hitting investigation into the international cocaine trade.  
It takes an in-depth look at all aspects of cocaine trafficking and Saviano delves into every level of society as he follows the human trail of addicts, traffickers and the many victims that involvement with the drug claims. Through interviews and first-hand accounts, he shows the hidden, and not-so hidden, cost of ‘Coke’.

Besides the human toll, Saviano also discovers how the business of cocaine works, of the physical trafficking from South America to the streets of New York, London, Istanbul and Delhi to how the drug influences the black market and entire country’s economies. A fascinating and powerful piece of writing this is the cocaine industry stripped bare.