Books can save your life

An FSU student survived this morning's campus shootingA 21-year-old student from Orlando could have been killed by suspected Florida State gunman Myron May, but the books he’d just borrowed from Strozier Library saved his life.

Jason Derfuss, went to the library around 9pm to do some research and borrow books leaving after midnight. Stacking the books together in his already full backpack, he put it around his shoulders and walked out of the library, passing a “normal-looking” person near the front steps on his way out. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire behind him. He turned and saw the gunman fire two more shots at another person at point-blank range outside the library. He ran as fast as he could away from the library towards his car and drove home.

When he eventually emptied his backpack, he noticed the “mangled” covers of two books, including a copy of “John Wyclif (Great Medieval Thinkers).”  The bullet had gone through that book and partially through another, saving his life.