Or Ask a Librarian ……

Book publisher Penguin is launching The Penguin Hotline to help Christmas shoppers select the right book for anyone on their Christmas lists.  

You go to The Penguin Hotline and fill out some information about your potential book gift recipient — age, literary likes, other interests and hobbies — and submit the form. Penguin employees will then take that information and come up with a few personalized book recommendations (though it may take up to two days, according to the site). And, if you like, they will also tell you which book stores near you have the item in stock.

The hotline will recommend books from any publishing house, not just Penguin: “[We] want to support anyone interested in giving a book for the holiday season,” they explain in a press release. “[People] work at Penguin because of a passionate love of books, and we are thrilled to channel that passion into helping others give a book to someone they love this season.”

You could ask a librarian !



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