Everyday sexism by Laura Bates – a review

Everyday sexism

Everyday sexism by Laura Bates

Are you #ShoutingBack? Are you interested in where feminism is today? Fed up with Page 3?

This is a book about “the fourth wave of feminism by Laura Bates, a young journalist who started a project called ‘everyday sexism’ to raise the profile of previously untold stories. This book documents over 10,000 incidents of sexism – the stories came in from all over the world. The author quickly realised that the situation was far worse than she’d initially thought.

From discrimination in the workplace to serious sexual assault, it was clear that sexism had become normalised. Bates decided it was time for women to lead a real change. Bold, jaunty but always intelligent, everyday sexism is a protest against inequality that provides a unique window into the vibrant movement sparked by this juggernaut of stories – often shocking, sometimes amusing and always poignant. With an Introduction by Sarah Brown, this book is a manifesto for change; a ground breaking, anecdotal examination of sexism in modern day society.



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