Interview with Audrey Niffenegger on Radio 4’s Front Row

The time traveler's wifeAudrey Niffenegger and Suzanne Dean from Vintage Classics will be interviewed about a new collection of ghost stories as part of a wider feature on book design, on 26th December on Radio 4’s Front Row.

The author of  The Time Traveler’s Wife will curate and illustrate the collection of ghost stories, to be published in Septemeber 2015. The “eclectic” collection, called Ghostly, will include “unusual, forgotten and previously unpublished stories, and of course, the odd cat”, said the publisher Vintage Classics.

There will be stories by authors Edith Wharton, Rudyard Kipling, Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link and Niffenegger will also write a story for the collection as well as illustrate it and introduce each story.

She said: “I’ve been reading ghost stories since I was tiny, they were some of the first stories I loved. The stories collected in Ghostly are the unusual ones, not the most popular but the ones that have haunted me over my years of reading.”

Suzanne Dean, creative director at Vintage Publishing, said: “I am looking forward to collaborating with Audrey. I love her illustrations and I am sure we are going to have great fun creating the perfect Ghostly package.”

Niffenegger is writing two books, one a sequel to The Time Traveler’s Wife.