Boxing Day crime – Dead Souls by Elsebeth Egholm

Dead soulsDead souls by Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm is a Danish author and journalist who lives in Jutland, Denmark. She has written ten books and in 2011 published Three Dog Night which was the start of a new series introducing ex-convict Peter Boutrup and was an instant bestseller. We got the latest book in our recent Eurocrime buy.

Peter Boutrup is visiting his girlfriend’s grave when he is approached by her mother. Her son, Magnus, has gone missing and she begs Peter to look for him. The next day a young nun is pulled out of the moat at the convent in Djursland where Peter works as a carpenter. She has been garrotted and Peter was the last person to see her alive. At the same time during a dive in a mine, Kir Rojel finds a box of old bones. They are human bones and the man has been garrotted. But that was 60 years ago. While Peter is looking for Magnus, Detective Mark Bille Hansen is assigned to the case: he must link the bones in the box with the girl in the moat – and the hunt for the truth sends him to the place he least thought to go