#WhatCanIRead? in graphic novels

WatchmenNever tried a graphic novel? Here’s five that are recommended:

The Watchmen by Alan Moore – In an alternate world where the mere presence of American superheroes changed history, the US won the Vietnam War, Nixon is still president and the Cold War is in full effect. ‘Watchmen’ begins as a murder-mystery, but unfolds into a planet-altering conspiracy. As the resolution comes to a head, the unlikely group of reunited heroes – Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias – have to test the limits of their convictions and ask themselves where the true line is between good and evil.

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye by Robert Kirkman – If you’ve watched the TV series, you might like to try thr books. Life in the prison starts to get interesting for Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors, as relationships heat up, fizzle out and change almost overnight. By the end of the tale, relations between key characters are radically changed, setting the stage for future events in ‘The Walking Dead’

Maus: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman – Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler’s Europe. The Sandman, Volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes (New Edition)By addressing the Holocaust through cartoons, the author captures the everyday reality of fear and the sensation of survival

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi the author’s life in Tehran from six to 14. The Shah’s regime was overthrown and the Islamic Revolution triumphed. It depicts the devastating effects of war with Iraq and a portrait of daily life in Iran & of the bewildering contradictions between home life & public life.

Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman An occultist attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. After his 70 year imprisonment and eventual escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On his arduous journey Morpheus encounters Lucifer, John Constantine, and an all-powerful madman.


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  2. Adore the sandman! If you’re into the literary classics like austen and wilde then there are some fabulous graphic novels with and without the actual text – that’s how my niece got into them!

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