‘The Splendour of the Tree’ by Noel Kingsbury @noelk57

The splendour of the tree: an illustrated historyIf you are out walking this holiday, here’s a fantastic book to help you appreciate the landscape.

The splendour of the tree: an illustrated history by Noël Kingsbury and illustrated by Andrea Jones.

Dr Noel Kingsbury is a world-class expert on plants and the environment and this book celebrates the wonder, mystery, beauty, and utility of the tree. It pays homage to 100 key species of tree – chosen for their cultural, economic, or historical significance and their importance in the natural world – and includes an indispensable cultivation section that advises on the care and selection of trees for the home garden.

‘The author divides the trees between six chapters – Antiquity, Ecology, Sacred, Utility, Food and Ornament. Each tree is given its own section containing essential information as to origin, age and size, climate etc. However, what makes this book stand out from other reference works on trees is the fact that the author brings a very personal perspective of each tree to life both through his writing style and the range of information he includes. He analyses the particular characteristics of each tree and the specific role it plays within the ecosystem and the human environment. Nor does the author neglect to mention the challenges facing trees in the modern world and their important role in our food chain.’




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