#LeedsReadsRecommends ‘Getting Colder’ by Amanda Coe

Getting colder

Getting colder by Amanda Coe 

Amanda Coe is a Yorkshire born author who is also a screenwriter (Room at the Top, Shameless) This novel opens in the aftermath of the death of Sara, the woman at the heart of Coe’s story and the glue that holds the characters together.

Back in the 1980s, torn between the two identities of wife and mother – she publicly rejected the latter, leaving her first marriage and two children, in favour of the former: life as the lover and muse of British theatre’s enfant terrible, Patrick Conway.

Thirty-five years later, Sara dies, leaving Patrick – angry, whisky-soaked and frozen with writer’s block – mouldering in their run-down house in Cornwall. The stage is set for an awkward family reunion as the children Sara abandoned all those years ago, Louise and Nigel, descend on the house. Despite being all grown up, and now with kids of their own, the wounds of their childhood are still festering, ripped raw as they sift through the psychological detritus left in the wake of their mother’s death – she hadn’t even told them she was ill, just another of her many secrets.