Fifty Shades of #topearningauthors

14th deadly sin“Fifty Shades Of Grey” author E.L. James has dropped from No. 1 in last year’s top earning authors’ ranking with $95 million to No. 11 – making just $10 million in this scoring period. In fact, FSOG sold just 1.8 million copies in 2013, compared to more than 29 million in 2012.!! But there is a film coming ….

Another author whose ranking has dropped  (third last year) is Suzanne Collins. She only earned $16 million this year– a 71% drop from the $55 million. Sales of the Hunger Games trilogy dropped 88%.

Danielle Steel, James Patterson and Stephen King –  amongst the world best selling authors for a long time – have younger competition. Three newcomers born after 1970 have made more than Fifty shades of grey$9 million each last year -and two of them write young adult fiction, increasingly appealing to readers of all ages.

Young adult author Veronica Roth‘s ranks 6th for the “Divergent” trilogy which sold a combined 6.7 million copies in 2013, earning $17 million from print and ebook sales between June 2013 and June 2014. The book’s 2014 film adaption also helped. It grossed $270 million at the globally. At 26, she is the youngest newcomer on the ranking, and one of seven women on the 17-person list.

37-year-old John Green’s ”The Fault in Our Stars” made him around $9 million – you will probably know it’s a YA love story, which follows the trials of two cancer stricken teenagers. It’s sold well over 1 million copies in the U.S. and been turned into a film. Green is in joint 12th place with Gillian Flynn, who joins the rankings for the first time due to the continued success of 2012′s “Gone Girl”  a New York Times bestseller that sold 1.2 million copies in 2013, also now a film.

Market Research suggested 55% of YA books were bought by people 18 or over. Adults aged between 30 and 44 accounted for 28% of all YA sales, and the books are purchased for their own reading the vast majority of the time.

J.K. Rowling, the original young adult crossover, has earned $14 million and ranks 8th on the list. She continues to earn from back sales of Harry Potter 

James Patterson is at Number 1. He produces 14 books a year with the help of co-authors, and has sold more than 300 million copies since his 1976 debut. That’s $700 million in the last decade and $62 million in the last year!! Second ranked Dan Brown made an estimated $28 million from sales of his Robert Langdon thriller series. “Inferno” alone sold more than 1.4 million copies in the U.S. Third and fourth are Nora Roberts  – $23 million and Danielle Steel – $22 million. No 5 is Janet Evanovich on $20 million.





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  1. I agree. When authors like Patterson ‘co-write’ books with other writers, I have a strong suspicion that they’re just using their name as a franchise and are paid royalties for having their name on the cover, with little or no input to the actual writing process. How else could you possibly write twelve novels of that length every year?!

  2. Whilst book marketing, must inevitably be a business, it is somehow sad when literature –
    as an art is subsumed into the unambiguous world of ‘coin’ (as Joyce Grenfell might have said).

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