#FF Poem of the Week

The whole & rain-domed universe

Helicopters by Colette Bryce

Over time, you picture them

after dark, in searches
focusing on streets and houses
close above the churches
or balancing
on narrow wands of light.
And find so much depends upon
the way you choose
to look at them:
high in the night
their minor flares confused
among the stars, there
almost beautiful.
Or from way back
over the map
from where they might resemble
a business of flies
around the head wound of an animal.

The whole & rain-domed universe by Colette Bryce – shortlisted for the Costa poetry award

‘The Whole & Rain-domed Universe’ is Colette Bryce’s much-anticipated follow-up to ‘Self-Portrait in the Dark.’ The book presents the reader with an extraordinarily clear-eyed, vivid and sometimes disturbing account of growing up in Derry during the Troubles, with many ghosts both raised and laid to rest