#FF Poem of the Week

Palms To the Moon by Jim Dodge 272616

We were fifteen. Summertime.

We walked through the moonlit village

to the cliffs above the beach.

We made love at that trembling pitch

where sensations become emotions,

none of which we’d ever felt before.

Our hearts like torches hurled into the sea.

A magnificence

that cannot survive

the innocence

that makes it possible.


No beauty without perishing.

No love without that first desolate moment of heartbreak,

when you know something is wrong,

but you don’t know what it is,

or how to stop it.


Midnight, the mountains,

we make a bed of our clothes

on the granite slab.

Naked beyond skin,

we lift our palms to the moon,

our bodies trembling like the limb of a tree

a heartbeat after the bird has flown


2 thoughts on “#FF Poem of the Week

  1. You just have to love Jim Dodge. Rain On the River is my favourite book of poetry. His three prose works are really good too – Not Fade Away, in particular, is absolutely brilliant.

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