Book review – I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

I Let You Go by Clare MackintoshI let you go

This is an everyday tale, seemingly, that centres on a tragic accident. I found it very hard to stop reading – it’s a tense, twisty, emotionally compelling thriller …and does haunt you!

Jacob is crossing the road, on his way home from school, when he is hit by a car. The collision is fatal; the driver reverses back down the street and is never seen or heard of again. His mother watches in horror, then cradling her dead son in her arms. She blames herself as she let go of his hand as they crossed the road. Jenna who witnesses it all, feels responsible and isn’t sure she has done enough so flees to Wales to a tiny run down cottage to hide.

Meanwhile in Bristol, Kate, a young detective and her supervising DI Ray Stevens try to find out what happened on the day of the hit-and-run. Ray Stevens has family problems  but as a team together they refuse to give up on the boy. Ray Stevens is seeking justice for a mother who is living every parent’s worst nightmare. Determined to get to the bottom of the case, it begins to consume him as he puts both his professional and personal life on the line.

As Ray and his team try to uncover the truth, Jenna slowly begins to glimpse potential happiness in her future. But her past is about to catch up with her, and the consequences will be devastating . . .

I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading  Sophie Hannah, Paula Daly and Sophie McKenzie.