Michael Moorcock to publish a new novel

Behold the man

Fantasy writer Michael Moorcock is publishing a new novel in July. It will be the first of three books in a series ‘The Sanctuary of the White Friar’ and called ‘The Whispering Swarm’ – he hasn’t published a full novel for ten years!

Described as “part-autobiography, part-story”, it is set in post-Second World War London, and follows a young man called Michael Moorcock (!), mixing elements of the author’s real life with adventures in parallel universes peopled with highway women, musketeers and magicians.

Moorcock has been cited as a major influence by authors Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and Michael Chabon and he helped launch the careers of many of his contemporaries, including Harlan Ellison, Philip K. Dick, and J. G. Ballard when editing the New Worlds magazine.