Britain’s favourite bird

robin-539789_640Yesterday the results of a very special poll were revealed, the search to find Britain’s favourite bird. A long list of 60 candidates had been shortened to a final ten most beloved feathered friends. Garden species are well represented with bird table regulars the blackbird, robin, wren and blue tit all charming their way into our affections. Then there are the water birds, the regal mute swan and the enigmatic little kingfisher. Representing coastal birds are popular puffins. Birds of prey top off the list with a trio of aerial hunters, the charismatic barn owl, the critically endangered hen harrier and finally the magnificent red kite thriving once again in England and Scotland thanks to a successful reintroduction program.

The Christmas card favourite, the Robin fought of all the completion to maintain it’s place as our national bird, despite the originator of the poll admitting that he would have preferred the Blackbird to win.

The poll has proved that the diversity of British bird life is something worth celebrating. So whether you’re a back garden amateur or a dedicated twitcher and want to learn more about British birds why not expand your knowledge with this selection of avian themed books:

RSPB Handbook of British Birds. A comprehensive and jargon free guide to our national birdlife and the perfect field companion for birdwatchers of all levels.

Birdwatching by Rob Hume. Expert tips on getting the most from your bird watching experience covering everything from the best viewing sights in Britain and Europe to the correct kit for the greatest results.

Our Garden Birds: A Bird for Every Week of the Year by Matt Sewell. Boasting 52 beautiful watercolours this enchanting book is a lovely and unique tribute to some of our garden favourites.

Garden Bird Behaviour by Robert Burton. Get more out of your garden bird experience with this guide to recognising and interpreting everyday bird activities.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden by Stephen Moss. Perfect for the armchair ornithologist this practical guide to creating a bird friendly garden will encourage birds to your home environment as well as helping to support native species throughout the year.

Whilst Flocks Last : An armchair birdwatcher goes in search of our most endangered species by Charlie Elder. An amateur ornithologist sets out with a field guide and binoculars on a mission to find 40 rare birds and to uncover the reasons why they are in such serious decline.

A History of British Birds by D.W Yalden. Packed with information this fascinating book explores the archaeological background and historical importance of our native wild species as well as exploring the debates around issues such as their future preservation and the reintroduction of lost species.

Adventures Among Birds by W.H Hudson. Story’s and anecdotes fill this reissue of a classic and very personal collection of writings about a life spent studying birds.

The Poetry of Birds. Simon Armitage and Tim Dee gather together some of the most beautiful and inspiring verse written in celebration of birds for this unique anthology.

Birds Britannia: How the British fell in love with birds by Stephen Moss. Brits seem to have a peculiar passion for wildlife and birdwatching is a pastime shared by many. This fun book explores British birds and our national fascination with them.