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Our new series of blog posts will feature Top 10s from Leeds Library Service. This week, as it is half term I thought I would start with our Top 10 Children’s fiction books borrowed this month. Mr Walliams and Ms Wilson have definitely got it sewn up between them!  Have you read them all?

  1. Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson

Opal Plumstead Opal Plumstead might be plain, but she has always been fiercely intelligent. Yet her scholarship and dreams of university are snatched away when her father is sent to prison, and 14-year-old Opal must start work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory to support her family. Opal struggles to get along with the other workers, who think her snobby and stuck-up. But she idolises Mrs Roberts, the factory’s beautiful, dignified owner, who introduces her to the legendary Mrs Pankhurst and her fellow Suffragettes. And when Opal meets Morgan – Mrs Roberts’ handsome son, and the heir to Fairy Glen – she believes she has found her soulmate. But the First World War is about to begin, and will change Opal’s life for ever.

2. Adventure Time by Ryan North

Adventure timeThe Lich, a super-lame, super-scary skeleton dude, has returned to the Land of Ooo, and he’s bent on total destruction! Luckily, Finn and Jake are on the case!

3. The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFGGiants are known for eating children. So when Sophie is snatched from her bed by the BFG, she fears for her life. But luckily he is far more jumbly than his disgusting neighbours. They become good friends and cook up a plan to rid the world of bad giants.

4. Mr Stink by David Walliams

Mr StinkChloe sees Mr Stink every day, but she’s never spoken to him. Which isn’t surprising, because he’s a tramp, and he stinks. But there’s more to Mr Stink than meets the eye (or nose) and before she knows it, Chloe has an unusual new friend hiding in her garden shed.

5. Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Gangsta GrannyBen is bored beyond belief after he is made to stay at his grandma’s house. All she wants to do is to play Scrabble, and eat cabbage soup. But there are two things Ben doesn’t know about his grandma: she was once an international jewel thief and she has been plotting to steal the crown jewels. Now she needs Ben’s help.

6. The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

Boy in the DressDennis lives in a boring house in a boring street in a boring town. But he’s about to find out that when you open your mind, life becomes anything but boring.

7. Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Billionaire BoyJoe has a lot of reasons to be happy – about a billion of them, in fact. You see, Joe’s rich – really, really rich. Joe’s got his own bowling alley, his own cinema, even his own butler who is also an orangutan. He’s the wealthiest 12-year-old in the land. But Joe isn’t happy. Why not? Because he’s got a billion pounds, and not a single friend.

8. Paws and Whiskers by Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo, Enid Blyon and  more

Paws and whiskersThis special anthology features the very best stories about cats and dogs from the world of children’s literature, chosen by author and Battersea Cats and Dogs Home patron Jacqueline Wilson. The book includes a new story by Jacqueline herself, ‘Leonie’s Pet Cat’, as well as extracts from treasured classics such as ‘The Hundred and One Dalmations’ by Dodie Smith and ‘Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat’ by Ursula Moray Williams, and from modern favourite writers such as Anne Fine and Patrick Ness.

9. Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Demon DentistDarkness has come to the town. Strange things are happening in the dead of night. Children put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they wake up to find. a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow. Evil is at work. But who or what was behind it? Read this book and find out!

10. Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson

DiamondDiamond wasn’t always a star. Born to penniless parents who longed for a strong, healthy son, she was a dainty, delicate daughter – and a bitter disappointment. Discovering an extraordinary gift for acrobatics, Diamond uses her talent to earn a few pennies, but brings shame on her family. When a mysterious, cruel-eyed stranger spots her performing, Diamond is sold – and is taken to become an acrobat at Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus. The crowds adore Diamond, but life behind the velvet curtains is far from glamorous. Her wicked master forces Diamond to attempt ever more daring tricks, until she is terrified to step into the ring.



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