Billy Shakes: Wonder Boy!

Billy Shakes Boy WonderMost of us have heard of Shakespeare the Elizabethan play write who penned Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet to name a few. Today his plays pop up all around us in many disguises, for example The Lion King which is a Disney retelling of Hamlet. Shakespeare is readily taught in schools and his stories are still a very strong part of modern theatre. The libraries have a close connection with Shakepeare and particularly in Leeds Central Library; there are many carvings of his head found around the ornate building referencing this literary connection. But what was he like as a child growing up? Where did he get his inspiration to write stories that are more well know today than they were over 400 years ago?

The imagined childhood of the Big Bad Bard himself…Billy dreamt of nothing; not of monsters, soldiers, war. Not of great shipwrecks, or princesses washed up on foreign shores! When Billy slept, he closed his eyes, and did no more than SNORE!

Wrongsemble Billy Shakes 1Throughout June and July Wrongsemble, a fantastic Leeds based children’s theatre company are bringing their latest show Billy Shakes: Wonder boy! to some of our libraries on a whirlwind tour. This fun and lively family friendly performance will tell the imagined childhood of William Shakepeare. It promises to be bursting with live music, shadow play, and a wealth of brilliantly barmy historical inaccuracies that embrace the joy of storytelling, and the untold stories within us all!

Shakespearian facts about the cast

  • James who plays Billy, once played Romeo in a real time social media performance of Romeo & Juliet
  • Rosie’s favourite Shakespeare play is ‘Macbeth’ – Edith’s favourite is ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ – James’ favourite is ‘Titus Andronicus’…all of which feature in our show…
  • Elvi the director – worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company in the Education department for 2 years – she also directs the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s primary Shakespeare performance project ‘Primary Player’s’ each year –
  • All of the songs have been written and composed by the company in the last 3 weeks…
  • We hadn’t decided on the ending of the show until last week, as we wanted to decide on Billy’s adventure together, and how the story should end!

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