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Have you read a really great book recently? One that you’d like to share with other people? Do you have a favourite book or author that you think everyone else should know about?  Don’t feel that you have to write an essay (unless you want to, of course) – just a few lines about the book and why you enjoyed it will be fine. 

 Please make sure that you include the author and title of the book. All reviews will be anonymous, unless you specifically ask to be named.

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33 thoughts on “Submit a book review

  1. Skin Like Silver by Chris Nickson
    A detective Inspector Tom Harper novel set in Leeds in 1891 full of twists and turns and sub plots. A parcel containing the body of a dead baby boy is found at the Central post office, a fire destroys half the rail station, the following day a woman’s body is found in the debris but it wasn’t the fire that killed her and this is just the start of an intriguing case for DI Harper, where does the Leeds suffragist society fit in, is the murder political, financial or revengeful?
    If you love Leeds especially Victorian Leeds then you’ll enjoy this, the authors descriptive prowess takes you back in time so you almost feel as if you’re there, you can hear the sounds, sense the tension and smell the smells. If you like crime novels and know a little about Leeds then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this.

  2. Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
    Even better than the film! A gritty drama about drug addicts in 1980s Edinburgh. Trainspotting is funny, disturbing and packed with strange yet lovable characters (Spud 🙂 ). Be prepared for unforgettable scenes( you will never trust waiters again!).


  3. ‘The Glass Girl ‘by Sandy Hogarth had me up until 2 am on a work night! A beautifully written story with wonderful attention to detail. It is a troubled tale detailing the lives of two sisters as they come to terms with life after the death of their mother. The thing I liked about this is the fact that each of the characters is flawed, without being one-dimensional. Very sad in places and definitely pulls on your emotional strings. A reminder of how we all can be blinded by love and fooled into believing certain things. I guarantee , once you’ve started reading, you won’t want to put this book down until you’ve reached the end. I will certainly be looking out for more books by Sandy now.

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