Zine Library Highlights

This blog is written by Claire and Sapphia, the founders of our Zine library here at Central Library in Leeds.

Our small but mighty Zine Library can be found on the first floor corridor of Leeds Central Library. We have recently acquired some new zines and wanted to share some of our favourites.

All art should have a purpose

All art should have a purpose

All art should have a purpose

A beautiful zine full of photo collage, retro images and inspirational quotes. The images transport you back in time to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with romantic images, nostalgic depictions and clever composition of all the various layers. Printed and pasted onto gorgeous paper with beautiful flowers, it’s one to get your hands on for a perusal.

Cats in Action by Emily Gilbert

It’s in the title. This is one is for cat lovers. A collation of cats including Lulu, Walter and Sebastian painted in a glorious array of locations, showing themselves off. Including pouncing, prowling and generally showing off and getting in the way. Just like your general cat.

Error 404

Error 404

Error 404 by Scott W Mason

Illustration portraiture, photography and illustration exploring identity and mark making. With interactive elements to play with and super graphic design this is a great zine to explore.

Bees for beginners – Sophie Ellis

A Bee-ginners guide to the wonderful world of the most amazing insects. Bees of course. A great zine to discover all the different bee species, why they might sting and how they protect themselves with cute little illustrations. Also ‘thirst aid’ for bees and an itinerary of all the flowers that you should plant to keep those bumbles happy and healthy.

Perks of a new body

Perks of a New body

Perks of a New Body; A Zine about turning 30 by Frannerd

I have just turned 30, this was clearly a zine I had to read. A super cute zine full of illustrations and quirky anecdotes. ‘When you’re 30, you stop caring about stupid stuff….and start caring about the important stuff. It’s lovely to think about the changes you have in your mind set becoming a full-fledged adult. (I won’t lie to you. I’m not sure I’ve even made it yet.) But I definitely feel myself sitting on the ‘adult’ fence for most scenarios including comparing yourself to others and spending time with the people that are important to you.
You can also find a Body Positive bullet journal our librarians have created as part of the Engaging Libraries; Body Image and Mind project. Find it in the zine library and add your thoughts, drawings and share.

Existing autistic

Existing Autistic

Existing Autistic by Aven Wildsmith

A zine about living in the world as an autistic person, beautifully illustrated with bits of information and affirmations that will make you feel empowered and inspired. Great to read if you want to know more about autism or if you are autistic and want to feel fierce.

Women in stem

Women in Stem

A mini celebration of Women in Stem by Vicky Likes Drawing

This zine looks at women working in STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) It acts as a perfect pocket guide to women who have conquered male dominated industries and serves to empower the next generation of women inventors, thinkers and scientists. It includes information on Ada Lovelace who was regarded as the first computer programmer, creating the first algorithm carried out by a machine and Mae Jemison who became the first Black American women to travel to space in 1992. I keep a copy on my desk as inspiration.

105 Women Press

105 Women is a collective based in Leeds run by artists from all countries and across generations. This is their first publication and includes work from Cherry Styles. The zine includes poems about slavery, anger, home, loss and war but also depicts the strength the women gain from one another in telling their stories, creating, laughing together, and listening.

Gone; A Zine about Grief by Flo Toch

This zine is a heartfelt exploration into grief by the author. The author uses the zine as a way to talk about her grief after the loss of her dad. It also includes empathic poems and writings from others effected. The sharing and pure honesty of the writing looks to help others who are going through the same process. We find this zine is particularly useful at our Death Cafes in helping people to open up about death and their fears. It also has a list of resources on the back page.

Our collection of zines is growing but we are always looking for submissions. Get in touch zine.library@leeds.gov.uk or send them into Zine Library, Leeds Central Library, LS1 3AB. All zines need to adhere to our stock and collections policy.

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day so we thought we would add our support to the day by letting you know what services we have available in our libraries for parents and carers of children with autism and aspergers.

Autism/Aspergers Advice Sessions
We run monthly sessions in partnership with STARS (Specialist Teachers Autism Response Service) at our Central Library. At these sessions you can meet other parents, the STARS team, Leeds ABC support group and library staff as well as learning how to use Boardmaker software. These sessions are a lovely opportunity to share ideas and resources with other parents of children with autism/aspergers. The sessions run from 10am until 12noon and there is no need to book, just drop in and stay as long as you want. The next few dates for the sessions are: 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July. Come along, we would love to meet you!

Boardmaker Software
We have boardmaker software installed at all our libraries. Boardmaker is a package that allows you to design and make your own visual resources for your child. Ask in your local Leeds library about it. If you need additional help getting started we can also help with that.

Information Books
We have lots of information books that you can borrow, these are just a few:-
All because of Henry: my story of struggle and triumph with two autistic children..by Nuala Gardner
The ASD workbook: understanding your autism spectrum disorder by Penny Kershaw
Autism: a parent’s guide by Hilary Hawkes
Autism: a practical guide to improving your child’s quality of life by Jonathan Tommey
Autism life skills: 10 essential abilities your child with autism needs to learn by Chantal Sicile-Kira
A friend’s and relative’s guide to supporting the family with autism by Ann Palmer
Raising children with Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism..by Yuko Yoshida
Small changes – big challenges: helping children with autism spectrum conditions through everday transitions by John Smith
Sleep well on the autism spectrum: how to recognise common sleep difficulties…by Kenneth J Aitken
Stand up for autism: a boy, a dog and a prescription for laughter by Georgina J Derbyshire

We also of course have lots of activities going on in our libraries for families and children to which all are welcome. Visit the events page on our website to find activities and events in your area.