Drama competition for new writing

Calling all amateur playwrights.

The 12th Kenneth Branagh Award for new drama writing invites you to submit one unpublished one-act play (no more than 30 minutes long with a cast of no more than six) for the 12th Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award.

Three winning scripts will be selected for performances during Drama Nights at the Windsor Fringe Festival in October. One of the three scripts will be chosen for the £500 prize, judged on the writing only. Submission deadline is March 5th 2015

One script per author and each script should be an original work by the entrant, and not have been previously published or performed.

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An oasis for those interested in Music and Performing Arts

image-medium (99)The Music & Performing Arts Library at Leeds Central Library currently holds over 3000 books covering several areas of the creative arts.

If you haven’t visited the library, it’s well worth a visit to browse /borrow from the diverse and substantial collection. It covers topics relating to the performing arts, such as production, performance, acting, theory, history, composers, education, instruments, biographies, analysis, business, publishing, dance, theatre design, composition and many more.

The Music & Performing Arts Library is used regularly by makers, appreciators and consumers of the performing arts alike, from musicians, actors, teachers, students, dancers, film-makers and even the odd local celebrity.

We offer a valuable resource to both amateurs and professionals and our current stock covers all genres, styles, methods and practices relating to music, drama and dance.

Over the coming months we will be highlighting individual sections of our monograph shelves and looking at some of the books available to our borrowers, from older, more mainstream titles to contemporary small-press works which cover less well-known themes.

February – Women in Music

March – Music Production

April – The Music Business

May – Collecting Music

June – Music History: Jazz

July – Music History: Pop

August – Music History: Rock

September – Music History: Classical

October – Musical Instruments

November – Writing & Composition

December – Music History: World

January – Drama

February – Dance

March – Theatre

April – Education & Learning

May – Biographies

June – Music Culture