Able Seacat Simon

Simon, see left, who was the ship’s cat on HMS Amethyst, is going to be the subject of a novel.Giant George: life with the biggest dog in the world

Able Seacat Simon will tell the story of from his point of view of how he was discovered as a kitten by a British sailor in the docks of Hong Kong in 1948 and taken on board HMS Amethyst. He became the ship’s rat-catcher and was seen as the crew’s mascot, gaining the title “Able Seacat”. He was wounded from canon fire in the Yangtze conflict of 1949.

He was awarded the Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, for his bravery and his part in keeping the crew cheerful. He is still the only feline recipient.

It won’t be published for another year but Lynne Barrett-Lee, who is writing the novel, has written books like Giant George – the true story of what it’s like to share your life and home with the world’s biggest dog, which has already been rated 5 star.