Richard and Judy summer reads

image-medium (5) Richard and Judy Summer Book Club list features some great titles. There’s a couple of thriller/mystery stories, both rated by our readers, and some lovely stories to get lost in.

Click through to our catalogue for a synopsis of the title –

James Oswald – Natural Causes  4* from Leeds reader (detective/mystery)

Sophie McKenzie – Close my Eyes 5* from Leeds reader (suspense/thriller)

Simon Mawer –The girl who fell from the sky (thriller/suspense)

Karen Thompson Walker – Age of Miracles

Liza Klaussman – Tigers in Red Weather

Kathleen MacMahon – This Is How It Ends

M. L. Stedman – Light between Oceans

Joanna Rossiter – The sea change

Gavin Extence – The Universe versus Alex Woods  (our favourite)

Lucy Clarke – The sea sisters

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

220px-ElizabethWoodvilleI love this period of Plantagenet history and always found it fascinating that Elizabeth Woodville (aka the White Queen) was called “the most beautiful woman in the Island of Britain” with “heavy-lidded eyes like those of a dragon”,’suggesting a perhaps unusual criterion by which beauty in late medieval England was judged’.

The book shows her rise to power (which seems to happen in an instant in the book) from being the widow of not royal Lord John Grey to captivating a fairly young at 22 King Edward IV, she is 5 years older.

It does not go down well as a match made in heaven – badly received by the Privy Council, who according to Jean de Waurin told Edward at the time with great frankness that “he must know she was no wife for a prince such as himself.” Gregory hints that Elizabeth’s mother may have offered a helping hand through witchcraft …

The book portrays the love affair between Elizabeth and Edward (he was not a specially faithful man) and her family’s rise to power . It touches on the rumour of Richard 111 wanting to marry her daughter.

Not Hilary Mantel as characters are a bit one dimensional but an enjoyable read — Next book is about Margaret Beaufort, mother to Henry Tudor!!

The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Penman covers same story.

TV series later this year Borrow book from Leeds Libraries – lots of copies

Book Review – The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price Purveyor of Superior Weddings

Wilfred Price CoverOur readers group at Wetherby Library recently read this interestingly titled book. Here are some of their comments:-

“The book is written in a gentle way, it completely reflects the behaviours and feelings of the characters. This quiet welsh town where people are very careful of the way they act and speak and emotions and secrets are kept very much to themselves.”

“This book made me laugh and made me sad. I thought the depiction of lifestyle and social thinking of the 1920s was well done. All the characters were well described. There are several beautifully written descriptive passages”

“At first I thought that this a nicely written but slow story. Then I realised this is to balance the second half of the book which moves more quickly – we know the characters well and are emotionally involved with them. Very much a story of its time and setting. The events wouldn’t occur now because society thinks differently. An intense thought provoking tale.”

“My thoughts having read thirty pages were “what a load of nothing, rubbish”. I was so glad that I read on. Within another thirty pages I was won over. The ending was a complete surprise. A lovely read. Let’s have more of this authors work.”

For further details of Wetherby’s and other library readers group, click here. If this has whetted your appetite you can reserve The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price online and pick it up from your nearest library.